Sport and Social Media Research

Thanks to those who have read my research into sportstars’ use of social media and issues surrounding reputation management. The response received surpassed all expectations and is very welcomed. It has been fantastic to interact with sports communicators and those interested in the industry. May it continue.
If you’ve missed any of the series, they are all available below.
Hopefully you’ll keep sharing and, someday, to fulfil the dream, a sports club will bid seven figures for me/the blog. 
Many thanks,
Sport and corporate reputation is a tough mix: Part 1
Corporate communicators need to control their employees: Part 2
Sportstars do not understand corporate reputation: Part 3
Why do fans follow sportstars on social media: Part 4
The Social Media battle between Corporate Communicators, Journalists & Sportstars: Part 5
Discussion and Analysis: A better Social Media policy is needed in Sport: Part 6
Conclusion: Sport Communicators need to address Social Media abuse – Part 7

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