#LoveYourBin was launched 1 year ago

One year on since the team I was in released this #LoveYourBin video to tackle bin abuse in a heavily-student populated area of Southampton. You can see me running penguin-like (I still blame the dodgy knee!).

Taken from: http://www.solent.ac.uk/about-us/community/campaigns/love-your-bin.aspx

The ‘Love Your Bin’ campaign is a multi-award winning project from the  University’s Community Relations Office to inform on recycling, correct bin practice and to tackle anti-social behaviour. The project was supported by PR Masters students who brought an innvoative approach to the use of social media.

Aimed at areas in the city centre with many student residences, the campaign encourages ownership and respect for bins and recycling.The campaign recently won the ‘Green Award’ at the Solent Society & Volunteering Awards and two 2012 CIPR PRide Awards for Community Relations and Best Use of Measurement and Evaluation.

MA Public Relations students have been involved in supporting a concept which assists Solent’s Community Relations Office’s agenda and works alongside the University’s corporate ethics and commitment to improving community relations in the local area.